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What Tea Is Good To Calm Your Nerves?

Tea has been used for many different health benefits for centuries. Most specifically, the benefits of herbal tea have been widely acknowledged to be beneficial in supplementing your health and wellbeing.

what tea is good to calm nerves

Herbal teas come in a range of different flavors. While there is some benefit to drinking tea to calm your nerves, boost your energy, or help with digestive issues, not everyone will experience the same benefits. You may find you need to experiment with different teas, flavors, strengths, and even brands until you find the right blend for you. 

Benefits of Tea

benefits of tea

When it comes to tea drinking, the Brits are renowned for enjoying a cup of breakfast tea or two every day. Regardless of what might be going on, a cup of tea seems to be a consistent solution to one’s problems. However, herbal teas are not just calming and can help with many aliment such as:

  • menstrual cramps
  • nausea and morning sickness
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleeplessness and insomnia
  • Tense nerves

If you are looking for the best teas to calm your nerves, this article looks at the top herbal flavors to drink for added relaxation.

Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea cup

In addition to being a sweet and tasty beverage, chamomile tea is also known for having calming properties. Tea is made by steeping chamomile flowers in hot water for a few minutes before drinking. Blossoms can be used to make this tea, either fresh or dried.

Chamomile tea has been shown to bind to GABA receptors in the brain, thereby aiding in producing relaxation chemicals. This herbal tea targets those brain receptors in a similar way that medications such as Xanax target receptors in the nervous system. As a sleep aid, the tea has been around for a long time, and it is one of the most well-known varieties available.

Peppermint Tea

cup of peppermint tea

Peppermint is one of the more well-known teas, used for many different things both for the body and around the home. From its delightful scent to delicious taste, peppermint is tasty and hugely beneficial.

Peppermint tea is a classic relaxing beverage known for its ability to serve as both a soothing and refreshing beverage. As a result, it is an excellent choice for a relaxing drink after dinner or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up that does not result in a caffeine crash.

Valerian Root

valerian root tea

Valerian root tea is often used to aid restfulness, an herbal remedy popular for treating insomnia and sleep disorders. Commonly found in many over-the-counter sleep-inducing products, drinking valerian tea can also help you relax and reduce anxiety whether you have insomnia or not.

Studies have shown that valerian effectively reduced anxiety in women undergoing medical procedures.

Matcha Tea

matcha teta cup

Most matcha teas are made from the camellia sinensis plant and contain some amount of L-theanine, an amino acid that is unique in that it promotes relaxation and stress relief when consumed. Matcha, in particular, has even higher levels of L-theanine than other types of tea, which is a result of the shaded growth period that the tea undergoes before harvesting it. When caffeine and L-theanine are combined, they are known to induce a state of calm and meditative relaxation, which is referred to as a "body high" by matcha enthusiasts.

Lemon Balm

lemon balm tea

Lemon balm has been used to relieve stress for thousands of years. According to anecdotal reports as well as scientific research, lemon balm aids in relaxation, mood enhancement, and alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Lemon balm is available in various forms, including capsules, tablets, creams, and tea. 

Some human studies have shown that lemon balm products positively affect mood and stress. Still, because these studies used concentrated doses of lemon balm rather than lemon balm tea, it's unclear whether lemon balm tea has the same effect as concentrated doses of lemon balm.

Lavender Tea

lavender tea cup

Often touted as the cure for anxiety and power to provide a restful night's sleep, the benefits of the magical lavender herb are far-reaching, and as far as lavender teas to calm nerves go, it is one of the best teas to try.

In fact, such is its potency for aiding relaxation; a study found that in adults with generalized anxiety disorder, silexan, an oral lavender capsule preparation, was found to be as effective as lorazepam.

Finding The Best Tea To Calm Nerves

If you are looking for more natural ways to calm your nerves, then choosing herbal tea can be a good option. Remember to experiment with different tea flavors and strengths to find the proper dosage for you and one you find more palatable to drink each day for added benefit. The more you enjoy your drink, the more likely you will make it a habit to drink it.